A litigator is a lawyer who specializes in criminal or civil litigation. Litigators represent plaintiffs and defendants in hearings, appeals, arbitrations and mediations as well as jury and non-jury trials. The plaintiffs and defendants involved in the lawsuit are known as “litigants.” Litigation is a complex and difficult task and the seasoned litigation attorney must be adept with knowledge of substantive and procedural law, have strong written and oral advocacy skills, be analytical with logical reasoning abilities, have the ability to synthesize complex legal and factual materials, possess superior interpersonal skills and know and use advanced negotiation techniques. Also known as Trial Lawyers, this specialized field should only be handled by an attorney with years of experience in the court room arena.

Should I hire a lawyer? Litigation and Appeal is a very serious undertaking. It is time consuming and only the best attorneys have a superior success rate in this undertaking. Contact us for a consultation if you need representation in this area.