What is Involved in Starting my own Business? Starting up a new business venture is an exciting prospect. Everything is flowing - ideas, energy - even the time you've put in conceptualizing your client base and marketing is fun and rewarding. This is the creative spark that creates new enterprises and gives us the feeling of empowerment as our entreprenurial spirit comes to life. However there are many pitfalls associated with starting up and maintaining the type of business you create.

From employing staff to taxation structures to licensing and filing the required paperwork - depending on your business - and much more. Have you created your business plan? Have you done your market research? Do you know which corporate structure will be best in terms of governance and taxable benefits and liabilities? What permitting and licensing does your business require? Do you need to raise capital with ownership dillution?

Should I hire a lawyer? If you don't know the answers to any of the points raised above, give us a call or contact us. The Hubbard Law Office has years of experience helping your dreams of being a business owner come to life. Contact us for a consultation if you feel you need representation in this area.